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Remote Expert Support for NovaSky Radar Life Detector

Time:2016-08-12 Click:3944

Remote expert system for Novasky radar life detector would connect life detectors to the command center via 3G/4G or satellite communications.Life detector will send the data to the command center, and then rely on the expert system's high-performance processing capability and rich knowledge base to obtain high accurate test results, and further pass the feedback to the scene rescue personnel. It adopts assessment mechanism of probability. When the uncertainty of test results is higher than the predetermined value, the system will automaticallypush the data to mobile terminals and computer terminals of the professional analysts. With their human decision-making and feedback, it could ensure the accuracy of detection.The system adopts the principle of online learning, and updates the contents of the knowledge base synchronously in practical application, which reduces the labor cost and the maintenance cost of the system.

1. High accuracy:With high-performance processing capability and rich knowledge base, the expert system can provide high accurate test results. Uncertain results can be sent to the experts for manual analysis, to avoid omission and false report.
2. Good adaptability:The system adopts online learning mechanism, dynamic iterative knowledge base, to reduce personnel and system upgrade cost. It also has the media compensation ability in various environments.
3. Easy to manage: to ensure that each device is monitorable, locate and obtain the equipment status in real time, and to upgrade the device firmware conveniently.




Network type


Applicable device


and others to be developed

Access device limits

200 sets*

Experts terminal limits

20 sets*

Response time

30ms(System monitor)

5min(Human check)



                                                                                     *Which can be modified through authorization