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      CE200 through-wall radar is a kind of MTMR UWB radar with pulse system, which is developed by Hunan Novasky Electronic Technology com., ltd. to meet the demands of military street battle, forest arrest, police anti-terrorist, hostage rescue and disaster rescue. CE200 have the function of searching targets and two-dimensional positioning. Based on the through-wall detection performance of long distance and high resolution, it can provide industry solutions for customers in national defense, aerospace, aviation, armed police, firefighting, public security, geography and mining fields.

    Product Features:
    ? Two-dimensional positioning
    Accurately position the two-dimensional coordinates of targets, greatly improve rescue efficiency
    ? Multi-target detection function
    Detect 5 to 10 human bodies at the same time
    ? Strong penetrating performance
    Penetrate 28cm brick and concrete walls
    Detect human body targets within20m
    ? Strong adaptability to environment
    Work in all time, no natter daytime or night;
    Work in all weather, no matter rain, haze, snow and ice or swirling dust
    ? High real-time performance
    Detect and display the moving targets in real time
    ? High resolution
    With radial resolution ±30cm, tangential resolution ±50cm
    ? Super professional support
    The unique detection equipment with remote specialist analysis system support, among the similar brand products at home and abroad



    Radar system

    UWB(ultra wide band) radar

    Antenna type

    Enhanced medium-coupling UWB antenna

    Working frequency


    Detection Model

    Two-dimensional positioning for both static and moving targets at the same time

    Numbers of Detected targets


    Penetrated materials

    Building walls, apartment buildings

    Through-wall detection distance

    Wall thickness

    28cm(brick & concrete)

    Detection distance

    Static targets: ≥20m
    Moving targets: :≥30m

    Detection angle


    Remote-control distance

    In open spaces: ≥ 150m

    Detection accuracy

    Radial resolution: ±30cm

    Tangential resolution: ±50cm

    Operating system



    Search & rescue, handling emergency, public safety



    Dimension & weight


    Radar Host

    Handheld terminal

    (PAD three-proofing industrial grade)







    Durable work time


    ≥4h(per battery)