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Perimeter Security & Protection Solution

1. Background and overview

For the high-security sites, a complete perimeter security solution includes a variety of physical defense, human guard and technical protection etc. Physical defense and human guard measures refers to the more traditional and effective preventive measures, while the concept of technical protection is a new defense conception which is gradually developed in the process of modern science and technology (originally electronic alarm technology) applied in the field of security , which highlights the high-tech status and role in security and protection.
Through technical protection, the functions of human guard and physical protection could be extended and strengthened, which constantly improvesthe capability to detect, delay and response of perimeter security and protection system, so as to achieve the desired purpose.
In addition, with the development of science and technology, some people with evil intend have begun to make use of advanced science and technology for criminal activities. Their methods are more complex and intelligent, so that the traditional protection means could hardly meet the requirements of security and protectionin high-security departments.It is extremely urgent that we must strengthen the technical protection in high-level perimeter security protection.

2. Solutions
To meet the market needs, Hunan Novasky Electronic Technology Co., Ltd put forward the concept of active security and protection on the basis of more than ten years experiences in the security technique and the accurate grasp of customer demands.With its focus on customer value through continuous innovation, Novasky has launched SP100VF radar video surveilance system for perimeter security (hereinafter referred to as SP100VF perimeter RVS system).
                                                                                                    SP100VF Appearance

(1). Features of SP100VF perimeter alarm system
SP100VF perimeter security system is a perfect system for perimeter security with high accuracy and convenient management. It adopts cutting-edge phase array radar and smart digital video sensor to detect targets and realize the alarm.
With comparison to other perimeter system, it adopts the fusion of phase array radar and video to have a higher recognition rate and lower false alarm. The system has the advantages of linked recognition of radar video information and video images, the track and monitoring of moving targets, coordinate and azimuth calibration in map, information fusion and active pre-warning.
With the fusion of multiple sensors, it would enhance the accuracy of detection and greatly improve the environmental adaptability, which avoid the environmental interference of one single technique and work stably in the severe conditions such as in rains, snows and winds etc.

(2). Product Topology

3. Applications
SP100VF is widely applied in the high-security sites such as judicial sector, army, valued warehouse, power plants and other industries. As a perimeter security product with low false alarm rate, it has been used in lots of prisons with its installation between the concrete walls and the fences.
In addition, SP100VF also could be installed conveniently in the military camp or field camp. Benefit from its anti-corrosion and approval of explosion proof, it is widely applied in petro-chemical industries.



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