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NOVASKY held the first half of 2017 management analysis meeting

Time:2017-08-11 Click:1635

                 July 23 - 24, Novaky held the first half of 2017 management analysis meeting. Staff above department heads and deputy manager level, the Institute of various departments (deputy) director, product management department project manager, sales manager and related personnel attended the meeting. In total of more than 30 people

            Deputy director of finance informed the participants of the business data and the situation of the company in the first half year at the beginning of meeting, next, Department heads reported work summary of the first half of the year and the work plan for the second half of the year, the participants conducted a great discussion which exposed the current management problems and also brought out lot of good suggestions for all departments.

           At the end of the meeting, Han Minghua, the Chairman of the board gave a summary which made an instruction for the next half of the year, at the same time, specific arrangements have been made for the work of all departments

            This meeting reminds us to focus on the current implementation, and also for the future development of planning, I believe that through the efforts of the Novaskyors, there will be a beautiful future for sure!

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