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Novasky Setup Academic Station for Cooperation with Dr. Li Deyi in Automatic-driving Development

Time:2016-10-09 Click:1815

 On Sep. 6th, Hunan Novasky Electronic Technology Co., Ltd has signed a cooperative agreement about setting up an academician station with Dr. Li Deyiin 2016 China (Changsha) Intelligent Manufacturing Summit.Under the agreement, both parties would integrate automobile sensors, drive brain and intelligent vehicle technologies, and focus on the industrial development of intelligent automobiles and wheeled robots.

     As a well-known manufacturer of vehicle radar products in China, Novasky has a Hunan province Engineering Research Center for automotive active safety technology, and a Hunan province innovation and entrepreneurship team in electromagnetic detection and sensing. At present, it has launched millimeter wave Radar, laser radar and other domestic leading products, which are the core sensors of automotive automatic driving system.
    Dr. Li Deyi is an academicianof Chinese Academy of Engineering and Eurasian Academy of Sciences, and an expert in China's command automation and artificial intelligence. In recent years, he has been committing to the uncertainty of artificial intelligence and intelligent driving technology research, also has made a number of innovative achievements.
    The cooperation between the two sides will further enhance the competitiveness of China's auto-driving industry chain, and will have a great significance for the intelligent vehicle industry.


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